Bad Credit Happens To Good People

You are not alone.Thousands of hard working Albertans have suffered with bankruptcy, divorce and repossessions over the past decade thanks to the economic climate. Direct2Wheels is about helping those to rebuild their credit with a reliable vehicle that they need. Our team of professionals work with folks just like you, every day, we can help you move on from your bad credit situation. We care less about where you've been and more on where we can go.

How Credit Is Calculated

Credit scores are a 3-digit number calculated using information from your Credit Report. You get points for actions that demonstrate to your lenders that you can use credit responsibly. You lose points for things that show you have difficulty managing credit. In Canada, credit scores range from 300 to 900, the higher the better. The main factors used to calculate your credit score are

  • Payment history

  • Use of available credit

  • length of credit history

  • number of inquiries (lenders pulling your credit)

  • types of credit

You Can Rebuild Your Credit

You are not stuck with a bad credit score forever! Truthfully, there are several ways you can rebuild your credit and fast. One of the most proven methods of credit recovery is through a car loan. Why?

  • A car loan that is being paid on schedule shows you are capable of holding a larger loan responsibly

  • They are controlled with regular payments, often using direct withdrawal, which helps people stay on track with their payments easily

  • Many lenders offer programs that will reduce high interest rate over time if payments remained up to date and on schedule