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Getting a car loan: what it takes and what you need to know

So you've done some shopping and narrowed down your options to a couple favourites, where do we go from there? Being unprepared is the last thing you want when trying to get a car loan, especially if your credit has been going through a lot lately. What do you need to have on hand when trying to seal the deal?

Let's say you are a single applicant, all you will need is:

- Proof that you have been working for at least the past 3 months

- Proof that you make at least $2100 monthly

- Proof that you have been at your current residence for the past 3 months

Checking all those boxes? You can easily get approved for a car loan with Direct2Wheels! Remember, a car loan with us is one of the best ways to rebuild you credit. Those steady monthly payments show banks and loaners that you are capable of making payments on time and that you can be trusted with their money. We want to help you towards that goal, not stuff you into a vehicle you can't afford like others might.

Another thing you might want to take into consideration when looking to get into a new car: be careful about the information you give away! Did you know it takes as little as your full name, birthday and address for companies to pull your credit? Did you know that too many inquiries about your credit can actually hurt it? So beware of all those fun little surveys on you social media! Some pods use this tactic to pull your information and sell them to lead gen companies, resulting in you getting unwanted phone calls by predatory loaners!

What we recommend is that you shop for who you want to deal with and that you make sure that the people you contact are the people you want to deal with.

Direct2Wheels is a is about helping Albertans just like you to rebuild their credit with a reliable vehicle that they need. We will never pressure you into a car or sell your information to others. If you are looking for a stress-free, friendly, comprehensive and confidential experience, give us a call!