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Refinancing: is it worth it?

You've been leasing the same vehicle for a little while now, making all your payments on time and driving safely. Taking a quick look at the paperwork, you realize your car loan interest rates are over 15%. Now the real question is: can I lower those numbers?

Rejoice because you most definitely can!

Making your payments on time for 1 or 2 years means that you now have positive auto repayment history, which makes a world of difference! If that is your case, refinancing is the way to go and could save you thousands! Did you know those interest rates could be reduced by up to half?

If you have been working hard to get your credit back on track, you owe yourself such a gift! Look into refinancing, or maybe even look at trading in your current ride! How nice would it be to get into a car that represents you even more than the previous one, and with much less intimidating interest rates? It really does pay to make your payments on time!

There is a world of possibilities out there and Direct2Wheels is here to help you get the most out of it! If you have any questions or wonder where to get started, just shoot us a message!