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Self-employed? Getting a loan is easier than you might think!

It is a common misconception that getting a loan when self-employed is extremely difficult, especially if you have preexisting credit issues. It's actually much simpler that one might think, especially with Direct2Wheels.

All banks really want to see is the money coming in and out of your accounts to make sure it's balanced. It's really just about proving you do get an income and where it is coming from.

That being said, to get your loan, you'll need to gather 6 months worth of invoices and 6 months of bank statements. The key here is to stay organized and to keep track of all your invoices. Keeping a virtual or physical folder with all these precious documents at your work place, whether it's your home, your vehicle or anywhere else is our little pro-tip to you! Once you've collected those, Claire here at Direct2Wheels will get you pre-approved and into a new vehicle that matches your budget AND needs in no time.

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