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Should I buy New or Used?

When starting to look for a vehicle, one of the first question we ask ourselves is "Should I search for a new or used vehicle?" It's important to know that both have equally interesting incentives and it is up to you to decide which ones will best match your needs!

When buying new, the interest rates can be as low as 0% and you can even get what we all a delivery allowance, which could make you save a couple thousands on a car. While that is great, we all know new vehicles can be very pricey and used then becomes the way to go. If you are here in Alberta, make sure you ask for an AMVIC report or a CarProof to know the vehicle's history!

You can also have a look at certified pre-owned vehicle. Those vehicles often offer better interest rates, an extra year warranty and even free oil changes for a year even! It is always crucial you do your research before coming in to a dealership, because you want to make sure you are getting quoted on the right price. You also want to be aware of what is being offered and not miss out on great incentives!

So start exploring online and see all your options or give us a call! We're always ready to help you!